Saturday, July 4, 2009


My friends tell me I'm crazy, that i shouldn't love you anymore,
that I deserve to be happy, but can't they see?  I'll never be happy
with anyone but you.  So baby, take ur time, I know in time you'll see
that Im the one for you, your one and only, that we were meant to be.

Waiting on you is all I want to do, cause I know one day, all the pain will pay off.
One day youll wake up and see that we were meant to be.
I know your getting over her, and thats okay, cause I've been there to.
I just want you to know that i'll always care, that i'll always b here for you.

Waiting for the day when well be together.

Waiting for the day when youll see you belong with me

Waiting for the day when Ill hold you in my arms again.

Waiting, just. . . .waiting

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