Sunday, July 26, 2009

What comes and goes... I still have to live

Whatever happens, I'm keep telling myself that life has to go on, no matter what. Eventhough, it makes me sick, I still need to survive. Getting back to my old self will take a long time again but I have my exams coming for which I've got to put my mind and soul to work on it. I know that Life can never be the same as it was. This is what I always get. My life is like that. But I've learned to survive. Like my profile says that I still have a life to live. I read this latest post from Angie's blog about writing a letter to your future me. Well I've written one for myself.

Thanks Angie. It has given me the strength to go on again. It made me realise that life is worth living and talking about it later. I've written the letter so joyously that it would make me read it after 2 years and make me that I should write more letters like this. So that one day, I wish I could feel happy about myself or sad about things which I have missed. My life is not perfect. Nobody's is. So why crib about what has happened in the past and when I can try to make my present worth living. I've dediced that life can change and change is permanent. It has its own ups and downs. Things, which I most importantly mentioned in the letter is to get back what I lost... my love, my true friends, my sisters, and most of all, MYSELF. This future letter thing has given me the courage to achieve certain limits and heights which I have aimed for. I don't want to disappoint myself  that after two years thinking that I haven't lived worth while. Many thanks to Angie.. You rock girl!!

SO at last what I was trying to say is that I won't be writing any posts till my exams get over and which will happen on the 6th of august. And most importantly after exams, I'l be myself again.. Until then. Take care.. C you guys around. But I will not miss to read your updates. Keep Posting. Happy blogging!! :)


Anonymous said...

That was so sweet and unexpected.

I'm so glad that you wrote a letter to your future self and it has given you the courage to be strong. Growing up I've learnt only 2 things in life (which is reflected in my blog too) that 1. Live Goes On. 2. And while it moves on you can't sit with the past and stagnate yourself - you need to move on! I'm really hoping, when you come back you'll realize that somethings are just meant to be. Losing friends is not easy, but losing your mind over them is senseless. As you said, no one's life is perfect, but we need to do our best to make it as best as possible for our own good.

Write more letters to yourself. Receive them in 3 months, 6 months, on your birthday - you'll love it. What better way to get courage, than from your own self?

I hope I haven't written a little too much. If I did, please pardon me - I feel your sadness. I wish you all the best for your exams - smash them!

Love, Angie...

Raji said...

Cheer up gal! Its all about the lessons that you learn during each course of life...maturity comes through experience...everyone has to go through ups and downs but when you look the same situation after years, you'll understand that it happened for good...Peace out!!! And good luck for ur exams!

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