Friday, July 10, 2009

Friendship can be a burden sometimes!!!

Being in an MBA program, we have to do a lot of work. Assignments, case studies, presentation ( both groups as well as individual), homework, classwork, JAM etc.. You name it and we have it.. Something like that.They call this Management Stress. This is the kind of stress which we are practising to undergo before we step into the real "Corporate World." So many talks and others things doesn't bother me.. Until a friend says," Raji, please do that assignment for me too."

Sometimes, its okay when they have a genuine reason but many of them don't. Sometimes, I feel that I'm being used by most of them in my gang. Friends of course.. We are all close and we are here to help each other become better than what we are now but not at the cost of other people's work. I feel that this adds on more pressure to my education. I'm a person who would never say "NO" for an answer. I'll always say, "If I finish my work and if I have the time,I'll help you with it." It bugs me.. To the extent that I may even get angry..

Anger is not the solution for any problem. I mean if they do their work, its for their own benefit. If some work is given and it should be completed by the respective person, so that they can gain knowledge. So what, if it goes wrong?? It never goes right always. So what if you don't get marks?? Doesn't matter.. Atleast you are learning from your mistakes and your own way. If I 'm that intelligent then why the hell don't you guys take me in for a business partnership which you are planning to start up now. I just feel fed up and irritated. I'm just a friend who has fun and a friend who does all the work so that you get credit and better marks than me. I don't give a damn about marks but I give a damn about the appreciation. Atleast a thank you would do. Or a chocolate which would mean, "Raji, Thank you da." That the gratitude I would expect from anyone. One thing is for sure, I'm planning to do work to get bigger and better and do work on my own and give the most best possible outcome from my side so that I can worthy than anyone else. I'm not putting the blame on anyone particularly because I know a few of my friends discuss a lot  about my posts these days. This is my humble request to anyone out there.. Give your gratitude to the person concern. Afterall, a help is a help, be it small or big.

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