Sunday, September 20, 2009

55 fiction

My first 55 fiction. Inspired by many bloggers. I hope you can understand it.

Dying proposition

"You are not dying", said the young doctor, but I knew that something was wrong.
All I wanted to do now was lie on bed along with my grand son and tell him my love story,
The one which paved way for his life too!!"


soin said...

most wise old people know when they see death in its face..

Kaka said...

hmm.....nice write ...:)...keep writing more....but dont write more than one atleast in 2 days cause those who have blogrolled u wouldnt notice the other post unless they see the blog as a whole....:)...anyways doesnt matter to me ...:)

Shankar said...

hmmm... a very nice 55....

HaRy!! said...

nice one...have heard from my folks that someof the oldies as soin says...they can forsee the future!..gud1..cya around


Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

@ Soin & Hary- May be he does
@Kaka- Sure will write only one.
@Shankar- Thanks pa

Bala said...

Short 'n' sweet post!!!

Shas said...

Nice one.

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