Wednesday, September 2, 2009

After college Question-II

Ramya squealed behind her, and then hugged Pooja tight.
“OMG! Is he finally going to get up the nerve to ask you out?”
Pooja untangled from her friend’s lean arm. “Are you kidding me? Knowing him, he’s going to see if he can borrow my IPod for some days.”
Ramya adjusted her glasses. “No, I think this is it. He is going to ask you to the farewell party. He’s been dropping hints for weeks.”
Though Pooja wanted that more than anything, she doubted it would happen in this century. “Come on. Let’s leave this alone for now. I’m going to the library. Want to join me?”
“Okay, let’s move.”  And they both headed towards the library.
Pooja found a seat in the back of the library and opened her new Sophie Kinsella’s book. The pages blurred. She couldn’t concentrate. Her hand revolved in the shape of a heart over and over in the margin as if it had a mind of its own. Would Prem really ask her out? Could this be it? She refused to get her hopes up. Twice she’d thought he’d ask and twice she’d been wrong.
“Hey!” Vineeth, alleged ladies’ man, sat next to her.
“Have I told you lately that you’re beautiful?”
“Go away”
He pushed his hair out of his eyes, wearing a flirtatious smile that probably got a good response when used on the other girls in College. “Want to go to the movies @ Satyams on Friday evening.”
He rested his arms on the desk. “Why not?”
She opened the book and pretended to read.
I’ve been watching you, you know.”
She met his gaze. “I’m not trying to do anything to you. I’m trying to study.”
He seemed to consider that for a moment, but obviously dint let that bother him. “You don’t like me much, do you?”
“What was your first hint? Me turning you down or me being rude?”
A coy smile spread across his face.
She wanted to slap it. “What?”
“Nothing. I just think I found a date for Friday.”
“The corpse bride?”
“No, you.”
Pooja choked,” Huh! I’m not going anywhere with you.”
                                                                                                                   To be continued...

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