Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Realising the value of friendship

During these days, I get into a lot of trouble in college. Yes. The thing is I do things impulsively which results in something else which was not meant to happen. I'm getting back to be very naughty. I usually tease and get teased... A Lot. Basically, I do it for the fun of it but I make sure that nothing serious happens or I don't go beyond my limits. I know the feeling of other people and try my level best not to hurt them. Not all of us are alike. We are a unique piece of art created by god for some purpose in life. So many difference, yet, we are all here for doing something. Having a meaning for every minute of our life.

Same goes to friends and our other relationship with people. Life isn't always having the good people. Life is all about being what we are and how we manage ourselves. Like I always say, " WE LEARN FROM MISTAKES." I'm not saying that I'm a good person neither a bad person. Qualities I think good, may not be the same for others. These are not the common qualities. I'm talking about qualities like friendship, understanding, etc. What am I trying to convey through all these things?? ( i really dono at the moment.. but lets hope I get what I'm trying to say)

Today, like I was saying, I was teasing an OLD friend of mine which was not a good thing. She got angry and pissed off. I try to handle things on my own without other people involving themselves into the case unlike she did the opposite. She involved her so-called BF into the issue and this became a big issue as the guy came and talked to me about it. He is also a very good friends of mine and I said I did it for the sake of fun . It hurt her that badly, I'm ready to apologize and accept my mistake, but she cried out loud and made a big scene. I got very angry(I hate myself angry) and teased her more which was not suppose to happen but I did it. So I left college abruptly without any solution. So I was not quite happy with what I did and called up the BF to apologize about and I realize that something he told me over the conversation was very important for life as friendship. He said that even if a friend was committing a crime against you, you would have to forgive him/her and get back to what you were before the "so- called- fight." Of course, I dint accept it in the first place. I argued with him about it for quite sometimes and things he told really made sense. There are only a few minor differences between Love and Friendship and fights like these just should not ruin the friendship because like he said, we never expect anything from a friendship just unlimited love and joy. Thats why we have friends, isn't it?? Give me your comments and suggestions on this one.

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