Saturday, September 12, 2009

After college question-III

The bell rang. Saved by the proverbial bell. It was time to leave the college premises.
She stuffed her books in the bag and stood.
“You’ll change your mind.” He leaned over and kissed her.
Her eyes went wide. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. Instead, flustered, she turned to go, and then froze.
Prem stood in the doorway, stunned. He didn’t wait for an explanation; he rushed out of the room.
Pooja glanced back at Vineeth. “How dare you do that to me? Why did you do that?”
“Because I felt like it.”
Not only had he robbed her of her first kiss, but possibly her first love, all because he felt like it.
Anger pumped in her veins, and jabbed at his face. She hit so hard that he had a shake in the place he stood. “Don’t you ever touch me again!”
He touched his face, looked around to see if anyone was nearby and said, “Good thing that you are a girl or else I would have killed you right now!!”
“Ooh! Take to the hand, A**.” She took her bag and stormed out. What a jerk! She ran down the corridor in search of Prem. God; please don’t let him hate me that much.
Ramya ran up behind her. “Did that Vineeth  just kiss you?”
“Yeah, and right in front of Prem.” said Pooja. Ramya looked vivid.
Tears began to blur Pooja’s vision. What if Prem did not believe her? She stopped near his classroom and glanced inside it.
“He’s outside,” Ramya said, pointing to the front steps. “Don’t you worry; we’ll take care of Rajesh once and for all.”
“Thank you, bye!” Pooja ran towards the door almost knocking down another girl. “Prem!”
She could tell by the way his shoulders stiffened that he’d heard her, but he didn’t stop. In fact, he started walking faster.
“Prem, wait!” She reached his side, breathless. “Let me explain.”
“What’s there to explain? You love Vineeth. I get it.”
She grabbed his arm. “Stop, please!”
He faced her, his eyes filled with pain.” What?”
“Were you going to ask me something?”
“Doesn’t matter anymore.” He glazed past her.
He looked so angry. What would she say to make this right?
"You’re wrong about Vineeth. I don’t love him."
His eyes narrowed. “I saw you kiss him, Po. And I know it was your first kiss.”
Her face warmed. Of course he did. He knew everything about her." I know, but…”
Prem tilted his head to the side. “But?”
Could she say it? Be honest about her feelings? If she didn’t tell him, she’d probably lose him. “Vineeth kissed me, but I didn’t kiss him back. I only slapped him, because…”
Prem stepped closer. “Because?”
She swallowed. Her heart was beating so fast she thought it would pop out any minute. And she had butterflies in her stomach all at the same time. I can do this.Because, I love you. I always have!!”
And he kissed you?” he moved still more closer.
“Yeah,” she whispered.
“And you slapped him?”
She shook her head.
He leaned forward. The faint aroma of his perfume spread around her. She closed her eyes and inhaled. His soft lips brushed hers, sending goose bumps everywhere.
She opened her eyes.
Prem grinned a lazy smile.
She bit her lips and smiled. “So, what did you want to ask me?”
“I wondered if I could borrow your IPod for a few days”
Pooja playfully smacked his arm. “Only if you promise to take me on the farewell party?”
He held her hands and “Deal!”
The end.


Guria said...

I really liked it! Very sweet!! :)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

@ Thank you sreya!!

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