Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Hey sexy lady"

You guys must all be wondering what I'm going to say in this post. Its nothing to do about sex or may be. If you had watched Sun Tv for the past one month you have noticed that this song " Hey Sexy Lady" Promo of the movie Ninaithale Inikkum. Since Sun TV was promoting their own "MOVIE" in their own "CHANNELS", you would have seen it like a 100 times a day. Same thing happens in Sun music, K TV and also Chutti TV. So literally all of us were only seeing this a dozen time at an hours time on the TV. We, at home, all the tamil channels together so that we can keep changing it for convince sake.

Last week, my cousin POOJA visited me. She came home because her mom had come to help my sister pack for her trip abroad. So it was my duty to keep Pooja out of site so that they will be able to do their work peacefully. ( Pooja can be a pain-in-the-b*tt sometimes). Since I gel with her very well, I was given this responsibility. She was playing some Dora games in my laptop and suddenly she started singing the song " Hey Sexy lady". I was shocked and terrified. I mean, it dint affect me when I was watching this song all the while on TV or when I could see Prithiviraj dancing with some item girl. It was such a shock when I heard my 5yrs old cousin sing it. I told her immediately where did she hear it( such a obvious question, of course). She coolly replied on Sun TV and also said that she loved song. And she said, " Akka, en class la ellarukum Prithiviraj na romba pudikum." Meaning that her classmates like the actor Prithiviraj very much.

Excuse me!!! :( Have I got something wrong here. A bunch of 5 year olds talking about Prithiviraj. This certainly put me off the whole day. I cannot image even seeing such kind of stuff when I was that young. I remember asking my friend in my 7th standard about Crush. So much of exposure these kids have these days. Actually this was just the beginning. Since I had a mild attack, I switched off the TV (literally pulled out the plug)and laptop and took her out in the evening to have a nice and fresh walk. Since we had a park nearby and we would also have a lot of small kids visiting the park. I thought it would be a great place for her to play and have some fun.

The park was pretty crowded because it was a Saturday. My place is nearby the boat club road in Chennai wherein most of the people are likely to be more well off. And most of the kids were from these places. So I let her to have her own time, while I sat on the bench watching her from a distance. She was playing for the while, when suddenly she stopped and looked at a kid who was dress all glittery and fancy. That glittery girl, for that age, was looking like a real glam doll. She was pretty, cute and very shy. So Pooja went near her and was talking something. I really couldn't hear it so I went little close to eavesdrop on my 5 yr old cousin. She was asking where she had got the dress, those silver coloured sandals and also those lovely barbie girl earring, this girl was wearing. Knowing my cousin, I asked her to stop worrying about all the that and asked to continue playing. She would leave that shy girl who kept running around trying to avoid Pooja from following her. I thought enough was enough and threatened Pooja to take her back home, if she dint stop annoying the poor girl.

My Drama-queen cousin started to cry and I had to give up and let her play for some more time until it got dark. Then took her back home, by that time all the packing work was done. The thing why I was talking about this incident is because I think its not ethical to have those poor kids know about all these stuff only when they are just old enough to eat food by themselves. Of course, they will have their time to get to know all that they are so eager to know until them I hope they stay clean. Clear instruction are given to my aunt not to let her watch TV for more than 1 hour a day and that too only Chutti TV or Pogo or Cartoon network.


Kaka said...

it will be much faster in the coming bro knows so much for his age than i knew that at that time...and moreover kids are fast learners....some of my cousins are way beyond my imagination...:)

p.s : i will tag u soon...i have one more tag left...:)

Raji said...

Ha ha...I can very well visualize how it would have been...but this generation is very much forward...:)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

@ Kaka-Thanks you.. Not only do they know more but are also getting more witty!!
@ Raji- I still cannot forget the way she sang it. lol

Anonymous said...

ohh..Kids like PrithviRaj is scary..Whats happening? :))

And I dont think there is any way to stop them from following that idiot box. My sister's 5 yr old kid's favourite movie is one of those I dread watching..:(

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