Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The "NUMBER" tag :) =))

Kaka had number tagged me and so here goes my answers.. And thanks Kaka.
1 One Life
--- It doesn’t matter whether we have another birth or not but I think we should treat this as our only life and live to the fullest. And Live it our way.

2 Two lovely sisters : Both of them are younger and more mature and serious than me..lol.

3 Things I can do unconditionally Sleep, Read and Eat :)

4 Things I am pleased to have good parents, confidence, easy come-easy go attitude and my listening skills.

5 Things high on my wish list- visit my sister in leeds, go to salem to meet my cousins(I miss them), meet my blogger friend Raji , go to that educational trip to US and get first rank in college.

6 Six singers/bands I like- Shakira, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Backstreet boys, Miley Cyrus(a new addition), Akon,… and lots more

7 Seven Things I don’t like- betrayal, loneliness, corruption, female harassment, Child Molestation, anger and eating vegetables(lol) :P

8 Eight things I love- Chocolates, late night movies, rain, friends, Ice Creams, attention & Blogging

9 Things I need currently – a true friend, some more pocket money, KFC Zinger and bucket chicken, upgrade my laptop with webcam and 4GB RAM, a Chelsea t-shirt to present for my bro, hot chocolate with whipped cream on top( mouth watering huh), HTC phone, a good paid job to support myself and my sisters & a chocolate truffle immediately.. :P

10 Ten widgets a-must for any blog….
About me( pple have to know about you to read your blog), Recent comments, Feedjit, Archives, Blog roll, Clock, listed @ Technorati and other blogs sites for pple to know that your blog exists n to read it, Bookshelf and Adsense i.e if you want to make some money out of your blog.

I tag Anand, Raji, Shankar, Aishu, Libre, Angie and Nikhil.. Waiting to see you guys answer it..


Raji said...

Good one! And you tagged me again...You keep my blog rolling with tags..Thanks :)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

@ Raji- you are one of those who respond to my tag.. Thanks

Kaka said...

thanks raji for taking up the tag...nicely done....ur bro a chelsea fan????:)sorry for the delay..:)

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