Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boss, Whats with the jingle?

Ever wondered why we keep humming some tune or the other?? 
If this starts in the morning, we will be doing it the whole day!!!

Yes, this is what we as a marketer should notice. My Advertising project is due any day now.  We were asked to take up a Brand and to make an advertising plan for the same, describing its next strategy.We chose Titan. Yup the one which sells watches globally... Did you know that Titan is the World's 6th largest sellers of watches with their own brand name..?? Cool huh?? I knew only after I started working on it. I started collecting all the old ads becoz we had to analyse the history of advertising. This brand has a huge impact on everyone who has it... Guess why?? 
Its the jingle of course.. remember the  Ta nanana.... 
Here is classic example of titan ads

Now I'm sure you must have seen this ad right!! There are  lot more ads like that from Titan. They were a pioneer in bring about watches for everyone.. Be it young, old, male, female, rich, poor, classic, funky, heritage, modern... you name it they have everything... I started this project in the beginning of the month of December, last year.. I still see my self humming this jingle one in a while... These things stay in our mind forever.
You might also remember That Nirma Ad.. Washing powder nirma.. With that girl spinning.. now that's another classic example... How about Britannia Britannia Britannia Marie gold!!! LOL
If you try to recollect all these things, you will find that you are going back to your childhood days!!
Brings back a lot more than memories.. We may or may not live with our siblings or parents now but these things sure brings back the lovely memories in our lives...


Raji said...

'Hamara Bajaj' ad - Do u remember tat? It has a different tune...

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Yup It does!!!.. I do remember that too!!

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