Monday, January 19, 2009


My Opinion about friendship:

I give it to you guys.  My friends: Suresh, Arun, Rakul, Saranya, Vinoth, Bala, Sindhu, Bharani(of course), Pavitra, Raji, Karthik, Praveen, Arun, and others... Whose names I haven't mentioned but you know i love you all...

A friend is someone with whom, your thoughts,
dreams and secrets you can share.
And no matter what you say or do, you know
that they still care. 

A friend is always ready to laugh 
with you when you are glad. 
But has shoulder for you to cry on
at those times when you are sad.

A friend always want the best for you
And they are not happy until you are too.

A friend is never jealous of the things you may attain. 
And if you are the winner you will not hear them complain.

A friend is a person who could spend everyday
with you, from beginning to end.
When you find someone like this they are more
than a friend they are a ...BEST FRIEND

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