Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today I had my Brand Management class in which we had class on how figures and logo make a great impact on the product and the brand itself. I donno if anyone of you have noticed this logo carefully before. He showed us this logo and asked us  what this logo depicted. All of us in my class were obviously fast asleep because it was almost 6 in the evening and we had classes from the morning. We really couldn't get what was in this logo. Finally sir gave up and said that it had an Hidden Arrow between E and X.. some people might think," OH Now I see that".. Well we had the same reaction. We got a good sound of blasting from him. of course we deserve it. After all, this is a professional course. So as I was saying, now we get to the logo:

In 1994, Lindon Leader of Landor Associates created the new FedEx logo which has become a highly recognized corporate symbol of FedEx Corporation. This logo was to symbolise the Brand FedEx as Speed and Precision

Cool Huh???
There are so many such things in the world which are so simple but still yet we are not able to recognized it.. I also have a lot more to tell you about such things.


Raji said...

I think you are on a blogging spree...:) Keep writing!

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Thanks Raji... You are one of my inspiration ...

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