Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The title says it all!!

hey hi guys!!! 
Thank you to the ones who read my blog and commented. Its a small gesture but means a lot to me. 

Well I wanted a little bit of traffic to my so-called blog, so i sent a mail to few(just 10 of em) to read my blog and criticise me. Be it good or bad. Well this mail was also sent to my brother Sunil. He  called me this morning and asked whether there was something wrong with me. And he also mentioned a certain things about my past. Well thanks anna for taking care in me. And I also had a very close friend of mine vinoth call in and asked me the same question. Thanks to him too. 
These are some people who really care about me.Without you guys I wouldn't have never had a second life as of now.
To all those pple who really care about me. My past life has got nothing to do with what I am doing in present and will be doing in the future. What I feel about my past has got nothing to do with what I am going to do in the future. Anna, to u. No I 'm not going back to him. That was different. I was different then. I am not the same old Raji anymore. I feel that I am more mature enough to take my own decisions. To vinoth, this was just a post which I felt that I needed to write.  I always felt that a feeling in a person can be gotten rid of as soon as possible if it was written down somewhere. I always write down my feelings in a piece of paper whenever I am over excited or over depressed. This helps me get on with other things in life.
I hope you guys will understand that writing this blog these gives me immense pleasure and confident in myself. I think this will definitely bring out something in me. I hope that you guys will always criticise me this way.
I didn't have this title for nothing. "Take life just the way it comes..." Because people always say that when you don't have a vision, You will not achieve anything. But to my experience, I would say that we never know what is going to happen in this new year, new month or even a new day . That doesn't mean I do not have a vision. I mean, what life is it to live without knowing what you want to be in your future.
Good Day to all!!!
All the best for your Vision and Future.

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