Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Scary Thought

All the people around me are talking about A.R Rehman making it to the Gloden globes and the Oscars, but my mind went on with something more important, according to me. 

Is Indian IT and ITES Sector going to stay put for eternity?
You "might" ask me?? What made you think about this when the world says India is the future.
Well this topic came to mind when I was working on my presentation which is due tomorrow. I have been think and going through a lot of articles on this topic," Is Indian offshoring an advantage for Eternity?" I have to speak against the topic by the way.
If you see that, I have already worked in a BPO where my job was to take call and talk to customer's regarding their billing queries. It was basically for a well known Canadian telecommunication company. The first shock that hit me at the job was that people there they  have almost the every hi-tech gagdets and people here dont even know how a computer looks like. May be now people know how it looks.... or shall I say how to open the computer... 

As you see times are changing. 

People there are now wanting things to be error free. Something called as ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE can definitely replace man and the labour. Did you guys also know that India does only the back office jobs. It is called the WORLD's Back office. The customer thinks and India execute.  And definitely you know that India is not into thinking.!!! This was given in the Forbes report.
We can also argue with the point that India has cost advantage over these outsourcing firms. According to the same report, it say that India's cost advantage was 1:6 but now it is 1:3. What does tht imply..? It says that we are having an increase in the value of rupees against the value of dollars which is decreasing drastically.. 
These reports scare me a lot... I mean if you see that the amount employment generated by such outsourcing activites are closely to 4 million (IT and ITES) people. What will all these people do if these alternatives are implemented.  If this cost advantage of 1:3 changes to 1:1.5, then guys!!! 
That is the end to "Indian Cost Advantage". 
I know these things may sound boring but believe me that government has to take steps to prevent from something like this happening. It really not that far way... This is going to happen by the end of 2015.

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Raji said...

According to me, 'India is the future' should imply that India can create jobs and outsource to some other country. Every Indian would love to see India reaching that level. If it's predicted as 2015, then it's not too far :)

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