Thursday, January 22, 2009

Discovering Discovery

Yet again about another Brand

Hey seen this logo...Of course you have!!!! What am I saying???

Now lets get back to my Marketing subject.
Here is what this logo symbolises:
Discovery Channel Logo was designed with the purpose of showing that they would show the world to the world.......

This absolutely fantastic idea was awesome... Look at the design!! The designer must have purposefully designed the Logo in such a manner that the colour used are amazing. Take a look at the colours. He could have used another colour instead of blue to the letter channel. He has definitely thought this colour would turn out to be wonderful. The Font used for the letter Discovery is so different that it shows the world. The placement of the globe just shows his creativity. I have never noticed this after all the years of watching them. But this subject has made me realised that even small things done around us has a new meaning to it. It has also taught me how advertising and Logo design can bring a brand in and out of business. These things are just amazing and how people just come with these creative ideas.

KUDOS To all those Advertisers and Marketers!!! After all, I am going to be a part of you guys one day!!!!!(LOL)

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