Saturday, January 3, 2009

The song that affects me a lot!!!

Life has many turns. Mine has also had some.  These turns, be it good or bad, I have always associated myself with music. I think most of us have always had music associated with us at some point of time. My favorite song is Vasegara from Minnale, but this one song which will always be there in my life .

This Song  Minnale from May Madham. It was the song which always reminds me of my long lost love. This love is ery close to my heart as my guy always sings it to me.
He was there singing all these songs, taking care of me as if i was his everything and the next day I was nothing to him.  God, I hate Love for the affects it has on all of us. Coming back to the song,
it is composed by the world famous A.R Rehman. He is truely a legend.  I dedicate this song to all the pple around me and making my life worth living. It truely remarkable how MUSIC is so addicative. My friend Arun who is into Rock music these days really loved these songs. I miss my school life. Great days for everybody in our lives. Will tell about that later in another blog. Life has its own ups and downs. I believe only Music can help us keep our calms be it happiness or sadness. I am one person who just listen to music just like that. But until I reached a stage when music was everything to me when it was sung by my guy to me. I feel that life is like music which has its rhythm. We ebb n flow like it. The tune always keep playing at the back of our minds.


Drummer said...

Yes, i agree, beautiful and sad songs will make us remember that someone. I love music too. :) Enjoy!

Raji said...

Wat a song! I love it to the core for the lyrics, bgm, the softness..I can talk abt this for a while...a song close to my heart as well...I guess it would be for anyone who loves music :)

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