Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Dad-- My Hero

Hey I hope some of you would have watched the movie ABHIYUM NAANUM. Its a Tamil Movie which shows the love and the relationship between a father and a daughter. Hey gals!!! Those of you who love your dad so much, please do watch the movie. We might have known him from our point of view, but to know him from his point of view- go see it. It was hilarious!!! I guarantee that you would surely love it. And please take the time out to watch it with your father.
After seeing the movie, I felt that it was time I appreciated my dad who has given me the opportunity of doing so.
Hey dad, this is to you... I love you always.


You have always been there for me,
Through the thick and thin.
You always make my day brighter.
Sometimes we had our ups and downs,
But in the end you always lifted me up.
And forgave me.
I'm sorry for all the times,
I made you mad,
Or even cry.
But most of all,
For all the times I let you down.
I really do love you.
And don't want to see you hurt.
You're perfect,
And special,
In every single way.
Thank you for being my dad.
I love you for just the way,
You are!!

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