Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marketing Mania!!!!!

When you learn new things, you are bond to know a new world around. Likewise, when I have stepped into the world of MARKETING, I found it very amusing.

Marketing, Marketing Management, Advertising, Consumer Behaviour, Brand.... Well its keep going on and on. Why it has fascinated me so???? I really think this is because of my Marketing Professor Mr.Satish Krishnamurthy. I really admire the way he keep the class so attentive. When I took up MBA, all I wanted to do was HR and become a HR Manager,but this subject and the guy who teaches me it has changed the whole perspective of this new domain which has always been kept for the opposite sex. I am not saying that there are no female marketing people. All I am saying is that we are less in number. There is a lot to be known to become one among the others in this corporate world of Marketing. Philip Kotler, David AAker are some of these big shot guys in Marketing whose books are to be read by us. Well these are not just those regular people they really knew what they were saying unlike some of us(he he he). Coming to the point of why Marketing. I learn through it. A lot of new and interesting things. And I would also like to share it which all of you because everything is so very awesome about Marketing to me!!!
As I concluded by saying that(LOL)

Marketing is everywhere!

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